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Principles of Marketing Your Indie Music for Better Results

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Indie Music Marketing Concepts Promotion Companies Don’t Tell You About

As the CEO of Radio Facts, I have dealt with all kinds of clients trying to push their brand to radio. From established major label artists to the indie music artists. Quite often the majors know exactly what they are doing when they submit music to radio but the independent record labels often make costly mistakes. They are often not prepared and they depend on the wrong people for music marketing and music promotion services. Indeed it’s about bringing the people on board who have the established relatinoships so if you don’t know anybody it’s almost impossible to walk get your music to music distribution companies and on the radio effectively.

The artists often want to bring people on board that they don’t know and can trust, but if they don’t have experience, this won’t work either.  Most creative people are not great business people or what I like to call “implementers.” So creatives must depend on others for marketing concepts to be as effective as possible. Here I offer some tips from my experience working in the music industry for many years, especially to the indie music folks who want to get their music in front of the right people. Click Next above or below for next segment

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