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Small Business Tip: Depression Causing Lack of Motivation?

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The Life of an Entrepreneur – smooth sailing but watch out for the cliffs. Photo by Kevin Ross

Small Business Tips: Don’t work from home!

Don’t work from home, why? Entrepreneurs are in a class by ourselves. We go against the grain. When everyone else is working we’re sleeping and when everyone else is sleeping … well, we’re working! Whenever you go against the grain, you place yourself in the minority and it can anything from challenging to incredibly frustrating. Since there are so few of us who live in this existence, it can also be lonely, and depressing. In general, most people fail to understand the extremely complicated lives of an entrepreneur. I’m not so sure that even WE understand it.

We do not sit around all day waiting for a windfall of money while we do no work. If anything we work HARDER than someone with a 9 to 5, albeit we actually LOVE what we do so putting in the extra work is no work at all.

Entrepreneur Challenge: Don’t work from Home

Living this existence can eventually take its toll on you and make you depressed amongst other things. Perhaps not depressed in the clinical sense (or maybe) but more depressed in the “I’m missing out” sense. We have a hard time slowing down and at the same time catching up. Entrepreneurs are addicted to what we do: if we love what we do we have to be addicted because it takes an incredible level of commitment and passion. I know “addiction” is a strong word but I have seen people who are addicted to the gym. You can only work out so much but I’ve seen people who stay in the gym daily for hours on end. We focus on the bad addictions but there are many variants.

Once we become addicted, and it becomes our drug of choice, people start to see a side of us that we may not be fully aware  Sometimes we are out of control and don’t know it. People say things like “You work too much” or “You don’t have fun in your life” (my own mother told me that and she was right). We are more than aware that this is nonstop and the minute you take care of one thing, something that you took care of a week before needs your attention again.

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