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The 10 Greatest Misconceptions of Being an Entreprenuer

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Over the years I have been amazed at how some people think minority entrepreneurs live and work. Most people are very comfortable with the stability they have on a job they may hate but get paid every 2 weeks. They look at the benefits, pay, vacation time, etc. The first difference between Entrepreneurs and the 9 to 5 worker is we understand the benefits AND the limits of working for other people. Working in the music industry I always HATED politics, butt-kissing and people literally getting screamed at when they don’t do their job. I have seen it time and again and I am not cut out to take that but I liked working in the industry so the ONLY way for me to do it was to own my own business. If you are thinking about making the switch to being an entrepreneur there are a few things you should know off the bat. Please consider these things BEFORE you make the leap. Click “NEXT” below for the next myth

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